What to Do If You Are Unable to Share Photos iPhone Has

Photos are one of the majorly accessed and shareable data formats that we have on our digital devices. Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, photos make up the majority of data on your smartphone. 

More often than not, you realize that you are unable to share photos iPhone has with your family or friends. If this happens on your phone, too, there are a few ways you can fix it by yourself. The article explains some DIY solutions to the iPhone photos shareability issue. 

Let’s first explore the ways to share photos on iPhone using built-in features. 

How to Share Photos on iPhone?

Sharing photos from your iPhone to any other device is easy. The Photos app built into your iPhone and iPad devices allows you to share images and videos without downloading any third-party tool. The Photos app even picks your best photos from the event and recommends sharing them with others. 

The Photos app is a multi-functional program that not only allows you to share photos but also works as an image editing tool. Moreover, if you have accidentally erased your pictures and are wondering how to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone, the Photos app is the solution. You can use the app to recover your recently deleted photos.  

Check Your Internet Connection

First things first, check if your internet connection is working properly. If you are attempting to share photos over email or any other service that needs a WiFi connection to operate successfully, you may not be able to share the files. In that case, you need to check your internet devices or try to reset your network settings.

Even if the router and modem are receiving signals, but the connection is not stable, you will end up getting an error message. Open a website or an app to check if the internet is working. If the internet seems to work properly while your device is not getting a stable connection, jump to the second solution.  

Restart Your iPhone

Restart Your iPhone
Restart Your iPhone

Turn off your iPhone and wait for a couple of seconds before turning it on. Restarting the device may optimize the hardware components, and it is likely to receive internet signals. Enable WiFi on your iPhone to prepare it for the photo-sharing process. Now, wait for the WiFi signals to appear on the top of the screen. 

For better results, move closer to the router and then try to connect to the internet. Once the internet connectivity establishes on your phone, try to share a picture via WhatsApp, email, or other services. If it doesn’t help to share the pictures from your iPhone, you need to opt for a more advanced solution. 

Log Back to iCloud Account 

If you are sharing images via iCloud, there might be an issue with your account itself. Though it’s rare, iCloud may not be working properly due to downtime or any other server issue. So, wait for a couple of minutes and then try. Alternatively. Log out of your iCloud account and then log in back. 

To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and click on your name to launch the iCloud panel. On the screen that appears, select the Sign Out option display at the bottom of the screen. You will then be signed out of your iCloud account. Now to log back into your iCloud account again, open iCloud and sign in with your username and password credentials. 

Disable the Low Power Mode on iPhone 

The Low Power Mode enables you to save the amount of power your iPad or iPhone uses when the battery is low. The devices last longer before you next charge them. However, when the Low Power Mode is on, some of the features may not work properly. The programs may take longer to start or update. 

The Low Power Mode also affects iCloud Photos and visual effects. When trying to share images on iPhone, make sure the Low Power Mode is not enabled. If it is turned on, it might be the reason why you are unable to share photos iPhone has. So check that and turn it off. Then try to share your photos from your iPhone to another device. 

Check for iCloud Sync Issues

iCloud Sync
iCloud Sync

More often than not, inappropriate sync might be the reason why you are not able to share images on your iPhone. This is an alternate solution if none of the above-mentioned resolution methods help fix the issue. So, check if the iCloud configuration is up to the mark by navigating to the Settings app on your iPhone. 

Check if you are using the same Apple ID that you used at the time of setting up iCloud Photos. If yes, make sure iCloud Photos is enabled. To do this, click on your Apple ID, click iCloud, and then select Photos. Next, make sure that the Sync this iPhone option is toggled on. Now try to share pictures on your iPhone to check if it works properly.

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