How To Use Discord With A PS5? Tutorial

How To Use Discord With A PS5 Tutorial

Discord is not natively supported by many consoles, including the PlayStation 5. However, you can still voice chat with your friends on the world’s most powerful console. There is only one problem: it is impossible to install the service. However, if you still prefer to keep everything on one console and not rely on your … Read more

What Is Enterprise Content Management Software, And How Does It Work?

Content Management

ECM software is the best way to manage data and content. So why do certain companies still use spreadsheets simply because they are familiar with them? With this in mind, a new trend has caught the market’s attention. Enterprise Content Management software allows businesses to take control of their digital future by using advanced technology to maximize … Read more

How To Add Text To An IMovie Video

How To Add Text To An IMovie Video

Apple users are familiar with iMovie, a free software program for editing videos. They can add text, images, or backgrounds to their clips. A variety of effects can also be used to convert text into subtitles, titles, and end sequences. All in all, iMovie has it all. Here’s a guide to adding text to videos … Read more

Goldman Sachs-owned Human Security rakes in $100m

Human Security, a company that specializes in anti-bot and fraud detection, has closed a $100m funding round led by WestCap Capital. Human, which was previously known as White Ops, was part of the funding round led by NightDragon, and it comes just a year after Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking division acquired Human from White Ops. … Read more

SoftBank LatAm Fund backs Tribal in $60m Series B

There has been a $60 million investment raised by SoftBank Latin America Fund (SFLAF) in Tribal, which operates as a B2B payments and financing platform. In addition to Coinbase Ventures, BECO Capital, QUD Investors, Rising Tide, Third Prime, Acuity Ventures, Canas Capital, and AGE Fund, these investors also participated in the round. This company was … Read more