Accidentally Liked And Then Unliked An Instagram Post? How to Prevent?

Accidentally Liked And Then Unliked An Instagram Post? How to Prevent? Instagram makes it very easy to like someone’s post by mistake. If you accidentally double-tap the post or tap the heart underneath it, Instagram will send them a notification almost immediately. Do they still receive a notification if you like and then unlike an Instagram post?

What happens when you accidentally like and then unlike an Instagram post is discussed in this article. You’ll also see tips on how to prevent the situation from occurring. Let’s get started.

Does Someone See if You Like and Unlike an Instagram post?

It’s probably safe to say that everyone with an Instagram account has liked a post by accident at least once. Because it is so simple to do: just tap on it. Usually, accidental likes happen when you’re scrolling through your feed or zooming in on a photo. You can like or “heart” an Instagram post by double-tapping it or tapping the heart button under the post, and the person who posted it will be notified immediately.

The notification disappears if you like and like someone’s post, based on our tests. What if the person is actively checking their notifications when you “heart” their post? Luckily, the notification is delayed a bit. Therefore, the other user will never know that you liked their post if you immediately unlike it.

Someone will only see your accidental like if they have refreshed their notifications during your mishap. Then, the notification will appear. After they refresh their notifications again, the “like” will no longer appear.

This is why: If you like someone’s Instagram post, they will receive a notification. If you “unlike” the post, the notification is removed. The person whose post you accidentally liked might have seen the notification if they were online at the time. In contrast, if they weren’t on their phones, the next time they open Instagram, they won’t see the notification.

It can be embarrassing to accidentally like someone’s post, especially if it’s from three years ago. Especially if you weren’t supposed to be on their profile in the first place. This could be taken as a sign that you’ve been stalking their profile.

It’s just as easy to “unlike” someone’s Instagram post. All you need to do is tap the red heart button again. If you double-tap the same Instagram post twice, the like will remain.

The longer the time between the likes and unlikes, the greater the chance of them seeing it. For example, suppose you liked someone’s Instagram post without realizing it until five minutes later. In that case, you’re giving the other person five minutes to check their Instagram notifications. You should unlike the post as soon as possible to increase your chances of going unnoticed.

These types of Instagram notifications are also called push notifications. If the person whose photo you accidentally liked disables their push notifications, then you’re safe. This also depends on your luck. Accounts with thousands of followers get hundreds of likes and comments daily, so users disable push notifications to avoid constant distractions. Instagram users with fewer followers can also choose to turn off notifications if they don’t want to receive them.

If you accidentally liked someone’s Instagram post twice in a row (or even multiple times) and then unliked it, the results would be the same.

Be Careful When You Are Looking at Someone’s Instagram Post

No matter how long passes between liking and unliking someone’s post on Instagram, liking someone’s post by accident can be very uncomfortable. The notification is always visible to them. It is possible to either block that user and temporarily disable your account, or turn on Airplane Mode when you want to see their posts.


Do the number of likes go down if I unlike a post?

Each time you dislike a post, the number of likes decreases. If the user whose post you accidentally liked tracks engagements for analytics, the number of likes will be reduced when you “unlike” their post.

How do I prevent accidental likes on Instagram?

There is no surefire way to prevent accidental likes on Instagram, other than being extremely careful. Nevertheless, if you want to view a profile and make sure you don’t accidentally like something, you can do so by setting your device to Airplane Mode, which disables all Wi-Fi and internet connections.

Will I know if someone saw the notification?

The Instagram app does not tell you whether a user checked their notifications at the exact time yours appeared. The only way to know if someone saw that you liked their post is if they get in touch with you about it.


For many of us, it’s a moment that we’ve all experienced: you accidentally double tap the like button on an Instagram post and then quickly try to un-like it before anyone notices. Unfortunately, this modern mishap has become increasingly common as users create more content for their social media platforms.

The struggle is real; however, there are some tips and tricks to help you navigate this blunder in case it happens. First and foremost, remain calm — don’t draw attention to your mistake by overreacting. Secondly, stay positive — remembering that mistakes happen and everyone has the potential to make them. Thirdly, take a break from create Instagram content if needed in order to prevent any further accidents or errors from occurring. Finally, have fun with your posts!

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