How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord

Some Discord users may be invisible to you or unreachable even if you previously had a conversation with them. In addition to internet problems, another user may have blocked you at some point. With a blocked account, you cannot contact them.

There are several ways to determine if you are blocked, and you can use any of them. Due to the person’s choice not to interact with you, you cannot do much about it. Find out how this process works in the following sections.

How to Check if Someone Blocked You on Discord

By sending them a private message, you can find out if they blocked you. You can usually breathe a sigh of relief if you can send them a message, which means they haven’t blocked you.

If you access your chat logs with that person, you’ll know right away that you’ve been blocked. The official bot of Discord, Clyde, will appear and show you an error message. There are a number of reasons why your message cannot be delivered, according to him:

  • The recipient does not have access to your servers
  • On the shared servers you’re both on, you disabled direct messages
  • Messages from friends will only be accepted by the recipient

In addition, Clyde will provide a link to a list of possible reasons for your block. The man won’t tell you why you can’t message the person.

It is likely that you were blocked at some point when you were recently talking to this person.

Check your friend’s list to see if you added the person as a friend. Another sign that they have blocked you is if they disappear from it.

How to Check if Someone Blocked You on Discord Without Messaging Them

Here’s one way to find out if someone has blocked you without sending them a message. Instead of a friend request, send them a friend request.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On Discord, go to the Home menu and select Friends.
  2. Select Add Friend from here.
  3. Click Send Friend Request and enter the person’s Discord username and tag.
  4. Blocking your account will prevent it from going through.

Another surefire sign to look for is that. If you know the person shares a server with you, you can also pull up their profile and click Add Friend. It is less cumbersome to use this method.

Check if Your Blocked using Discord Message Reactions

There is another way to find out if someone has blocked you. You don’t have to type out a long message before finding out it was all for nothing. On Discord, you can react to another user’s message with an emote.

If you think you were blocked, try responding to one of their messages on a server you share. You will be able to see the emote if you haven’t been blocked. On a PC, however, the screen will vibrate slightly.

The sign of a mobile user is more distinct. An alert will appear with “Reaction Blocked” on it. You’ll know someone has blocked you at this point.

Discord’s design allows you to determine if someone has blocked you by looking at their message reactions.

  1. Go to Discord and read a message from the person you suspect blocked you. The message will appear when you hover over it.
  2. Reaction can be accessed by clicking the icon. Click an emoji next.
  3. React to their message and see if it appears; if it does, you haven’t been blocked.

What Can I Do if Someone Blocks Me?

It’s not possible for your current account to communicate with the other user, so there’s nothing you can do. The only way to contact them if they don’t allow non-friend messages is to make a new Discord account.

Next best would be to ask some mutual friends for assistance. It is still possible for your mutual friends who haven’t been blocked to contact the other person and try to mediate the situation.

Additional FAQs

Continue reading if you still have questions about Discord’s blocking system.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Discord?

Blocking someone on Discord prevents you from seeing their messages. In the case of shared servers, you may occasionally see the message “1 Blocked Message”. It’s a stark reminder that you blocked them.

In case you’re curious, you can choose to reveal the message. The rest of the channels can be browsed if you wish.

Why Doesn’t Discord Tell Me if I’m Blocked?

When it comes to blocking other users, Discord adheres to a “no evidence and no alertness” policy. This procedure is designed to prevent users from finding out and making a big deal about it. You won’t know if someone blocked you unless you wish to find out.

Can I stay in a channel with someone who blocked me?

Yes, of course! Even if someone blocks you in a channel, you can stay. Messages or content sent in that channel won’t be immediately viewable (like any other user).

What happens if someone blocks a moderator?

Moderators can be added by server admins who have special permissions within a server or channel. In a channel, blocking a moderator is similar to blocking any other user. It is still possible for the moderator to view your posts, ban you, etc.

Why Can’t I Reach Them?

There is no sign that Discord will be revising its “no alertness and no evidence” policy anytime soon. Therefore, these tricks to find out if you have been blocked are here to stay. You can determine if someone doesn’t want to talk to you by knowing one of these tricks.

Discord blocked you? What is the number of users you have blocked? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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