Goldman Sachs-owned Human Security rakes in $100m

Human Security, a company that specializes in anti-bot and fraud detection, has closed a $100m funding round led by WestCap Capital.

Human, which was previously known as White Ops, was part of the funding round led by NightDragon, and it comes just a year after Goldman Sachs’ merchant banking division acquired Human from White Ops.

In 2012, Human, a New York-based company, was founded with the aim of protecting businesses from bot attacks in order to maintain human-like experiences on the web. In order to protect applications, APIs, and digital media from bot attacks, the firm’s Human Verification Engine is regularly updated to prevent losses and enhance the digital experience for humans.

As per the firm’s claims, its platform is capable of confirming the authenticity of over 15 trillion transactions per week for some of the largest internet platforms and companies around the globe, as well as some of the biggest companies.

We recently utilized Human’s bot mitigation platform in conjunction with Google, the FBI, and Facebook to eliminate a large botnet called 3ve, which was being used to prolong click-fraud and other forms of malicious attacks.

Using the new funding, Human intends to expand into new areas through the development of new products, according to the company.

The new round of funding for Human Security brings its total amount raised to over $300m.

This new funding round is also backed by NightDragon and comes just one year after Human was acquired by the merchant banking division of Goldman Sachs.

Human Protection (formerly known as BotBlocker) is a platform that allows organizations to detect and block malicious software like bots. Founded in 2012, Human Protection is headquartered in New York.

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Verisign is a digital certificate authority that validates online transactions for over 50,000 websites, including the likes of Amazon, PayPal, Bank of America and Netflix.

Human’s bot mitigation platform has been used in tandem with Google, the FBI and Facebook to take down three of the biggest bots used to prolong click fraud and other forms of malicious attacks.

As per Human, it intends to use the new funding to expand into new product categories.

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