What is Tinder and How to Use?

What is Tinder and How to Use

Tinder is a popular dating app that’s all about making connections between people. You can swipe left or right on the profiles of potential matches to see if you’re a match, and then you can send a message to start a conversation. The goal of the app is to connect you with someone who shares … Read more

How To Block a Player In PUBG

How To Block a Player In PUBG

It’s a fact that the more skilled a player is, the less likely they are to get killed in PUBG. This is because of their ability to identify and avoid enemies. This is where the game’s newest update comes into play. The new update allows players to block other players from seeing their location. If … Read more

Play and Earn Apps: Why You Need Them

Play and Earn Apps

You can play free games online. But there’s a big difference between playing and earning. Play is fun, but you’re not actually making money. You’re just wasting time and not really contributing to your real income. Play and earn apps, on the other hand, let you play for free, but they pay you for it. … Read more

Best Games That are Not in Play Store

best games that are not in play store

The best games that are not in play store are available on 3rd party websites and other game stores. These are free to download them form 3rd party websites and start playing them right away. The Game Store has a wide selection of games from role playing games (RPGs), first person shooters (FPS), casual, defence, … Read more