NO CODE START-UP FROM EUROPE AND ATLANTA RAISES $33 MILLION FOR HELPING “CITIZEN DEVELOPERS” THROUGH ITS PANEL OF FUNDS. Founded in the Netherlands, Betty Blocks provides organizations with low-code tools for application development and has raised $33 million in financing led by SmartFin Capital.

In addition to Deloitte, The Salvation Army, and The National Dutch Police, Betty Blocks, a Dutch startup providing application platform as a service (aPaaS) and with a strong base in Atlanta, has already built up a beta customer base. 

With the help of $33 million in funding, the team has now been able to build apps that non-programmers can use.


As a company, we are focused on building enterprise-grade applications by combining the best business developers with fusion teams. To accomplish this goal, we offer a platform that is all-in-one, which means that everything needed to develop enterprise-class applications can be found in the same cloud-based IDE (development environment) that is operated by our CEO Chris Obdam,” he tells Hypepotamus. 

In this round of financing, SmartFin Capital, a European private equity and venture capital investor, led the round along with existing investors Morse Investments and NIBC Bank, who were also participants in the round. 

According to Paul Greenwood, CIO for law firm Clifford Chance, the digital transformation has only gotten more important in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are one of the world’s leading law firms that utilize Betty Blocks to innovate faster and interact with the next generation of lawyer developers, so we are able to innovate faster. Betty Blocks has helped us build dozens of applications over the past few years, and we are using them to keep our competitive edge.

Obdam says that the funding will go towards expanding the Atlanta team now that it has 15 employees working in sales, support, and marketing roles, and a portion of the funding will be used to do so. 

Behind the No-Code Movement 

It was an idea that was born when brothers Tim and Chris Obdam took the opportunity to start an “illegal” radio station with almost no budget and managed to schedule and broadcast while staying on the air at all times.

On the side, the two ended up starting a software company and they worked on a platform to “improve software without having to code” on the side. 

As the name implies, no-code/low-code platforms like Betty Blocks are designed to help non-technical employees of an organization bring their ideas to life by enabling them to use preconfigured, drag-and-drop blocks in order to create advanced, enterprise-grade applications without having to know multiple coding languages. 

As a matter of fact, the purpose of the initiative is to speed up the innovation process and make it easier for companies to deploy go-to-market apps. 

It is possible to share custom-built building blocks on Betty Blocks because the platform is built on a no-code foundation and on top of it with low-code functionality. As a result, experienced developers can build with a branded look-and-feel and new functionality using custom build building blocks. According to Obdam, once the system is built, it can be turned into a building block and shared throughout the organization. 

Betty Blocks goes one step further by providing enterprises with a more comprehensive toolkit for implementing these citizen development ideas by collecting ideas, collecting requirements for applications, and providing coaching and guidance during the process of building them.

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